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Millions of people every single year throughout the entire world are considering any form of cosmetic surgery as well as other millions of people are in the need of a functional surgical procedure to enhance their lifestyle and this is no different in Florida.

Here in Surgeons Florida we try to bring you a network of high level professionals that have dedicated their life to this craft which is surgery, and in very different specialties like rhinoplasty, dental surgeries, etc.

Highly studied and trained professionals take hands in the development of new technologies in order to enhance someone’s life.

These specialized doctors are set to deliver their hearts out in any given procedure and this is because it’s their passion and their life what they put into every single surgery.

So what is a surgery?

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Surgeries are operations, procedures performed to a patient with an illness of any form or someone that wants to change the structure of their body, most commonly their face and abdomen.

Different types of surgery

We got 2 types, firstly we have functional surgeries which are operations performed in order to prevent some damage into the body of a patient or to correct something that is damaging their health overall. These type of surgeries are of extreme importance and should be done as quickly as possible because they are considered a medical emergency.

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Then we have another type of surgery which is the cosmetic surgery and this includes the rhinoplasty and liposuction that we mentioned above. These surgeries are done for you to change the structure of your body, your face, your jaw, your eyes, skin, ears, hair lines, body fat, anything.

Although this surgeries will still impact indirectly the life of the patients they aren’t as crucial as a functional surgery that will correct a problem with your body, thus enhancing your life.

So keep that in mind if for whatever reason you are looking into a surgery and you want to postpone a surgery over the other one.

Are cosmetic surgeries right for me?

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This would fall under the category of a plastic surgery and these type of surgeries don’t present a life threatening condition or a medical emergency in which the patient’s life is in any danger.

However plastic surgeries aren’t exclusively just cosmetic and they have a wide range of procedures in which reconstructive surgery is required such as the treatment of burns and other accidents.

The most common cosmetic surgeries are: Rhinoplasty (“nose-job”), Rhytidectomy (“facelift”), Abdominoplasty (“tummy tuck”), Liposuction (“suction lipectomy”), Mammoplasty (“breast augmentation or reduction”), Mastoplexy (“breast lift”), Blepharoplasty (“eyelid surgery”), Buttock Augmentation (“butt implant”), Laser skin rejuvenation, Lip enhancement, Chemical Peel (“minimize acne”) and many more, however those are the most common ones.

Surgery Specialties

There are also different specialties like an aesthetic surgery which is meant to change the aesthetic of the body or the face and we then have burn surgery which is meant to treat patients in a reconstructive way after a burn accident; Craniofacial surgery is meant to treat patients that have any congenial malformation of the face’s bones or soft tissue, this can be divided in pediatric and non-pediatric as well.

Micro surgery involves reconstructing the tissue by transferring another section of tissue into the area to be reconstructed and then reconnecting the blood vessels.

Later on we have the pediatric surgery which is the one that focuses on fixing any birth defects from infant patients.

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This is a very general overview or what surgeries are and what our specialists here in Florida in every region deal with most commonly however there are tons of other surgeries that if you are interested in, then contact us for a lot more information and possibly setting an appointment with a specialist.

Plastic surgeries are by definition aesthetic so there are people that don’t consider them necessary however it’s not a secret that they can change your life for the better in an indirect way which for most people is enough to regain their confidence and self-esteem.

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Despite not being treated as medical emergencies where there’s a life in danger, these surgeries will definitely enhance your lifestyle in the long run and you will see the results within a matter of weeks of how good your life turned to me after receiving one.

Here at Surgeons Florida we try to inform each patient and anyone that wants some more information on the subject to then make a very well-informed decision regarding a life-changing event such as a cosmetic surgery.